April nUUs from Religious Education

Sunday morning Religious Education Zoomers

How are you? No, really, how are you?

“Good, how are you?” just doesn’t seem like enough right now. What normally feels like a simple social nicety feels more like a serious social care taking need right now. There are plenty of things we still need to do together, business to cover, plans to carry out, but first we need to know who we each are in this wild moment. And we may be different tomorrow, or in an hour, or 5 minutes from now.

In the South Church Zoom world, we’ve had lots of iterations of groups meeting online in the past few weeks: South Church staff, teaching teams, worship teams, parents, Senior Youth, Coming of Age, children, and others. Each time, it feels necessary to check in for real before we begin any other kind of work. The intensity of all that is new and uncertain right now deserves naming before we can set it aside to do the things we want to do together. Witnessing, hearing, and seeing how others are, and speaking honestly about how we are at this moment feels right and tends to make the loads easier to bear.

We are very aware of how overstretched most parents are right now. These are unprecedented challenges we’re facing, and if you feel like you are failing, please know– you are not alone in that feeling. The expectations being put on us in this moment are largely impossible to meet. If you have not had a chance to check in with church at all- know that we are here when you are able to find the time. No guilt.

SO, on that note, IF you have a few minutes:

Hey Kids! It’s time to vote for the children’s shared plate recipient: Click here for the Ballot. Please vote on or before April 5th!

This Week’s All Church Challenge! Family Chalice lighting videos! We’re asking for short videos of your family lighting a chalice at home– we’re going to use these videos to create a montage for our worship chalice lighting. If you don’t have a chalice at home, here are some ideas for making one! Send submissions to jendeldeo@southchurch-uu.org Thanks to everyone who submitted short dance videos that were included in worship on 3/15, and/or a photo of yourselves wearing some kind of costume which were used this past Sunday. It’s so wonderful to see glimpses of your faces!

Upcoming offerings: Click HERE for meeting links/more info– (updated often!)

  • Coffee chat For ParentsFriday April 3rd 7:30am –
  • Sparks and Purple Flames! Friday April 3rd, 7:00-9:00pm- https://zoom.us/j/930594613 Meeting ID: 930 594 613
  • Baby and Toddler Story Hour! Saturday 4/4 at 7pm 

Ongoing on Sundays: Click HERE for meeting links/more info.

  • Online Worship at 10 AM on the South Church Youtube page
  • Church Kids zoom group (for elementary-7th grade) at 11:30 am
  • Coming of Age meets at 11:30 am
  • Senior youth meets at 4pm

Looking for creative things to do, parent resources, and more? We have an ever growing list of cool stuff for you, HERE. Sending you all SO much love, and so much gratitude for the sweet gifts you each add to our church community. Take care of your hearts, we’ll see you soon!

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