Dear parents,

Chalice Lighting at Senior Youth gathering last Sunday

How are your hearts?

We are thinking about you all the time. We are missing you. And we are working hard on setting up new ways for us to be together. In each of our homes there are so many similar experiences and so many unique challenges unfolding, but certainly for every one of us this week has been hard.

As this global crisis continues to evolve and the realities of what is coming starts settling in, try -as much as you can- to slow down. Breath. And listen to your own heart and to those around you. All the rules have changed. None of us know what lies ahead, but we are not alone and there is beauty to be found even in this most difficult moment.

Here is the new Family Resources page, which includes a few links about what’s happening right now, and how to talk about all of this with your children.

If you did not see Kirsten’s letter to our South Church Kids, click HERE and share it with them.

And, if you missed the Worship last Sunday – make sure your children see the story we wrote for them and the bonus material at the very end- it will make you smile! (And we welcome similar submissions from all of you!)

The immediate focus for Kirsten and Jen is building up our new ‘Virtual Offerings’ pages on the RE website, click over for a few Upcoming opportunities to connect:

We are sending so much love to each and every one of you.

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