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As a volunteer, you’ll change lives…theirs and yours!

There is a lot of support for Religious Education volunteers!~

  • Training
  • Clearly written curriculum
  • Supplies and materials ready for you in advance
  • Teaching partners (adults are never alone with groups of kids)
  • Flexible scheduling

We want our volunteers to get the most out their roles! If you have questions about any of the programs below, or if you’d like to volunteer but aren’t sure which spot is right for you, please contact the Religious Education Coordinator, who would be happy to help find a good fit for your interests and availability:

Spirit Play (Pre K & Kindergarten): A Montessori-based program encouraging children to delve into hands-on spiritual exploration in a safe and sacred space just for them.  Spirt Play gives children the tools to make meaning of their lives within the container of Unitarian Universalism. The program uses storytelling to inspire awe and creativity, which in turn nurture children’s spiritual development. Classroom has two adults for each session.

  • Volunteer Commitment: One afternoon of Spirit Play training, SC volunteer training, then average 2 Sunday morning classes per month in the Spirit Play classroom.
  • Spiritual Rooting: Intergenerational connection; your own spiritual exploration through awe and imagination; play; creativity; deepen connection with other adults on teaching team

Theme Based Workshops (Grades K through 4): Sessions that align with our monthly worship theme and Unitarian Universalism, using a hands-on approach to faith formation. There are a variety of activities through the weeks, including art, storytelling, music, games and more. Fun and connective!

Volunteering in Theme Workshop Classroom:

  • Volunteer Commitment: Volunteer training, then various Sundays options.
  • Spiritual Rooting: Intergenerational connection; active exploration for yourself of the monthly church themes and other UU elements; grounding through play and creativity; deepen connection with other adults on teaching team

Meditation Room (Open to all kids and adults!): A 35 minute program that meets during worship, this is an opportunity for people of all ages to deepen their meditation practice, but there is a special focus on building that muscle for children. This is an option for children who would like a quiet, grounding experience on any Sunday morning. Volunteers on this team lead weekly guided meditation and reflection in our beautiful new meditation space. 

  • Volunteer Commitment: Volunteer training, then average two Sundays per month during worship.
  • Spiritual Rooting: Intergenerational connection; spiritual grounding through building your own meditative practice; inspiration that comes from spending time with children in this type of environment; option for creativity by bringing your own guided meditation to share (or we can provide one); deepen connection with other adults on teaching team

Service Learning Year (Grades 5 through 7): Participants learn about the amazing community service groups that are active on the seacoast, through a combination of discussion, guest speakers from local organizations, and community action! This program empowers young people by learning the what and how of some great organizations that are making change in our community. They will also have the opportunity to participate in tangible actions that support these organizations or their missions.

  • Volunteer Commitment: Volunteer training, then average two Sundays per month. This class meets during worship, following the Time For All Ages until 11:15.
  • Spiritual Rooting: Intergenerational connection; building UU identity through social justice and other types of service; inspiration from adolescents who are passionate about changing the world; active learning along with the children about social/environmental issues and some organizations who are addressing these issues; deepen connection with other adults on teaching team

Coming of Age (8th grade): A UU rite of passage program.  Its purpose is to support participants as they make the transition from childhood to youth. There is a somewhat larger time commitment to teaching in this program, but volunteering as a facilitator or Mentor in COA is a deeply rewarding experience.

  • Volunteer Commitment: Volunteer training, then average two Sundays per month during worship. This class meets 9:45-11:00.
  • Spiritual Rooting: Intergenerational connection; explore UU identity; great opportunity to continuously check in with your own values and personal beliefs as you guide youth to do the same; you will develop rich and meaningful connections with the youth and other adults in this program.

Senior Youth (9th-12th grades): Youth group gives our teens an opportunity to continue fostering their spiritual selves and make meaningful connections with others through shared experience. This is a place of community, service, and empowerment. Group meets weekly, plus there are occasional field trips, overnights, and service learning projects.

  • Volunteer Commitment: Volunteer training, then average two Sundays per month. This class meets on Sunday afternoon/evening. Optional field trips or service trips.
  • Spiritual Rooting: Being a volunteer with our youth is a fun and dynamic experience that builds valuable intergenerational relationships; you will actively explore social justice issues and your own values while guiding youth in the process

Other Volunteer opportunities: In addition to the program teams listed above, we also look for folks who can help with social groups, who are interested in becoming training as OWL (sexuality education) instructors, and occasional roles as a workshop leader, help with special activities, etc. If you do not see something in the above options, send an email and let us know you’d like to get involved!

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