Families Together!

Programs for Caretakers and kids to share

“There came a moment in the middle of the song, when she suddenly felt every heartbeat in the room & after that she never forgot she was part of something much bigger.”
― Brian Andreas

Families Together in May!

Sunday, May 2: Kids of All Ages! Story Workshop, help us create a TFAA 11:30a-12:30p. Meet at Prescott Park, near the stage. Bring a water bottle and snack, wear a mask, and use a restroom before arriving!

Saturday, May 22: Saturday, May 22: Family Outing Day 10:00-11:30 at Urban Forestry Center. Fancy Tea Party, wild games, and a special Bridging activity! Bring your favorite cup, use the bathroom before arriving.

Families at Home: May’s Theme is “Story”

Who are you and who are we? What is the story we want to create together?

Our UU faith in pratice:

  • Part of our UU Living Tradition comes from science. (You can refresh on what the UU Sources are HERE). Here is a book about Evolution as the story of life that you might enjoy sharing: Our Family Tree by Lisa Westberg Peters  (Author), Lauren Stringer  (Author) Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTXmSDmq5tI
  • Our 7th UU principle is Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Consider starting a nature altar in your home to make a visual story of this principle. There are lots of resources like this one for creating a nature altar, but you may simply make a space for rocks, feathers, or other items you find and have a connection to.
  • Here’s a sweet song version of a lovingkindness meditation: https://youtu.be/RU_Vj0kytFo
  • As UUs one continuous thread of our story is that we work to be a faith of liberation. Here are 2 books you might share: All Are Welcome, by Alexandra Penfold, and Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railway in the Sky by Faith Ringgold

Our UU faith in action:

  • Become a crayon activist! Check out this story about Bellen Woodward, the world’s first crayon activist, who started something really cool when she was in third grade. 
  • Our shared plate recipient for May is the Joan G Lovering Health Care Center. Check out their story HERE.

Dinner Time Discussions: Some questions you might discuss at dinner this month to explore the theme of Story…

  • An important part of our South Church story is the collection of our individual stories. Explore answering this during a meal together: What is our family story? If you had to condense it down to just a few sentences, what would your family story be? And what about each member of your family–what is your boiled-down mini story?
  • Families often have lots of stories connected to food. What are your favorite family recipes? What memories do you associate with those foods? Do you have any food memories at South Church?

Chalice Lighting for mealtimes this month:

Little Flame

By Kathryn Estey

Little flame,

Light the tender kindling of our souls…

And soon a roaring blaze shall be

Of warmth and love and community.

From this little spark

May a fire of passion spread from heart to heart,

And light our way, sweet spirit.

And light our way.

South Church Religious Education Staff:

Our Director of Lifespan Ministries, Kirsten Hunter and RE Coordinator, Jennifer Del Deo work together with so many members of our South Church community to foster growth, learning, and community for our children and youth members… More About Us



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