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Programs for Caretakers and kids to share

“There came a moment in the middle of the song, when she suddenly felt every heartbeat in the room & after that she never forgot she was part of something much bigger.”
― Brian Andreas

Families Together this Summer

Sunday, July 25 11:30am: The South Church Fellowship Associates will be hosting an in-person social hour in the church yard! This is an all ages event, and everyone is welcome.

RE Saturday summer events! Come engage with church friends. Parents may drop kids off or stay for the fun. Everyone is welcome. If the weather is rainy, we’ll meet in the social hall. Contact JenD for more info: jendeldeo@southchurch-uu.org

  • Saturday, June 26th 9:00-10:30: Pride celebration! We’ll meet on the portico at church to decorate for Pride, plus some play time and a craft.
  • Saturday, July 17th 9:30-11:00: Kids record a story for worship! Acting, costume, props…microtheater!
  • Saturday, August 7th 10:00-11:30: Community Picnic! Bring a snack, picnic blanket and outdoor games. This one is for adults too! We’ll meet at Great Island Common, 301 Wentworth Rd, New Castle, NH 03854
  • Saturday, August 28th 10:00-11:30: Readying Together! We’ll center around returning to school, in whatever form that looks like for each of us; with blessings, games, and creating a special item to take away

Families at Home: Our theme this summer is “Change”

We’ve had a year of many kinds of change. How does this affect us? What have we learned?

Our UU faith in pratice:

  • Forced change can sometimes shine light on flaws we didn’t even know existed. For example, remote worship has shown us some ways that we can be more accessible to people who can’t access our building. Can you think of any justice issues that can be seen in a different light because of the pandemic?
  • As UUs, science is one element that guides our living tradition. Try experimenting with scientific change through making slime! There are countless recipes available online which use basic ingredients. Notice how the end product is changed from the qualities of ingredients that its made of. Here’s a story about a slime incident at JenD’s house.

Our UU faith in action:

  • Become a crayon activist! Check out this story about Bellen Woodward, the world’s first crayon activist, who started something really cool when she was in third grade. 
  • Our shared plate recipient for July is Seacoast Family Promise. They are doing good work to help families experiencing homelessness in our community. Check out their story HERE.

Chalice Lighting for mealtimes this month:

Little Flame

By Kathryn Estey

Little flame,

Light the tender kindling of our souls…

And soon a roaring blaze shall be

Of warmth and love and community.

From this little spark

May a fire of passion spread from heart to heart,

And light our way, sweet spirit.

And light our way.

South Church Religious Education Staff:

Our Director of Lifespan Ministries, Kirsten Hunter and RE Coordinator, Jennifer Del Deo work together with so many members of our South Church community to foster growth, learning, and community for our children and youth members… More About Us



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