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“There came a moment in the middle of the song, when she suddenly felt every heartbeat in the room & after that she never forgot she was part of something much bigger.”
― Brian Andreas

Gatherings for February~

Bedtime Story and Stretch, featuring books by Black authors. Join us on Wednesday evenings this month, 7:00-7:30p via zoom.

Family Outing at Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge! Join South Church families on February 20th at 10:00am for some outdoor time on this beautiful land. Masks required. We will meet near the parking area at 4 Arboretum Dr, Newington. Directions Here.

Chopped! (Technically March event, but RSVP ASAP!) All-Ages culinary competition! Join us for a super fun online evening. This is a beloved tradition in a different format this year. You may sign up as individuals or household groups. There can be multiple people competing individually in the same household, too. We will supply a package of mystery ingredients that everyone will open together online, and your assignment will be to make creative recipes with those ingredients. Ingredient packages will be available to be picked up, or we can help with delivering to your door. Chopped event will be held on Zoom on Friday, March 5th at 6:00. To participate, you must sign up by Fri, 2/26by emailing Jen DD (jendeldeo@southchurch-uu.org)– Include every member of the household who wishes to compete, and please let us know if there are any allergy concerns.

Morning Poems~ Parents – this one’s for you! Log into zoom on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 for a thirty-minute spiritual practice using poetry. Bring a journal, and a cup of coffee or tea, and start the day with some dear South church friends.

Families at Home: February’s Theme is Beloved Community

Beloved Community is an idea that Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr talked about, which asks us to build a world where justice, equal opportunity, and love for all people are the most important goals.

Our UU faith in pratice:

  • Here’s a great 5 minute lovingkindness meditation that you can do as a family: https://youtu.be/i9X6tkUXa9o
  • Listen to “Talking to Kids About Racial Identity” on The Imagine Neighborhood podcast. Dr Aisha White from the University of Pittsburgh’s P.R.I.D.E. program talks about different ways to discuss racial identity with kids. 15 minutes well spent; can even do it while driving or cleaning!
  • At the beginning of all of our RE classes, Sunday morning chapel, and worship, we all have the opportunity to share Roses, Buds and Thorns. This practice helps us to hold each other with care, to magnify the things we are celebrating (Roses), to lighten the burden of our struggles (Thorns) and to share in the anticipation of what’s ahead (Buds). This is a helpful practice in building Beloved Community. To embody this as a life practice not just in our church, try practicing at home–maybe at dinner time or before bed. Take turns giving each household member space to share a Rose (something you are happy about), a Bud (something you are looking forward to) and a Thorn (something difficult or “sticky”).

Our UU faith in action:

  • Shared Plate Voting! Last month members of South Church were invited to nominate organizations for our shared plate recipients over the coming year. Now it’s time (for adult members) to vote… and in early March, our children will be invited to vote from the finalists after they learn a bit about each of the groups. More info on voting here: http://www.southchurch-uu.org/giving/shared-collection/
  • Our shared plate recipient this month is Black Heritage Trail of NH. Click here to learn more about BHTNH.Did you know BHTNH has a self-guided tour? Book is available online HERE.
  • Watch the online screening (with optional discussion) of the new PBS documentary, “The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song” on Monday, February 8th at 6pm. Click link for details and to register.
  • Is your Child a UU7 Secret Service Agent? UU7 is a way for South church children and families to engage in our mission through simple challenges.

Dinner Time Discussions: Some questions you might discuss at dinner this month to explore the theme of Imagination…

Dinner Time Discussions: Some questions you might discuss at dinner this month to explore the theme of Beloved Community…

  • Share a story about a time when you felt loved and cared for.
    • What was important in that situation?
    • What are some things that can make us feel not loved or cared for?
    • How can we help other people feel loved and cared for? Is it more important to “say” or “do”?
  • What makes you feel connected at South Church, or what makes you feel like you belong somewhere?
    • What could you do to feel more connected or included?
    • How could we help others feel welcome, connected and included at church?

Chalice Lighting for mealtimes this month:

“The Hearth of the Chalice,” by Bear W. Qolezcua

“As we light the chalice may our souls become its hearth.
We join our hearts to the one great flame of bright compassion,
Beloved Community, and fervent justice.
May we become lanterns to the world,
lighting the way for all”

South Church Religious Education Staff:

Our Director of Lifespan Ministries, Kirsten Hunter and RE Coordinator, Jennifer Del Deo work together with so many members of our South Church community to foster growth, learning, and community for our children and youth members… More About Us



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