happy nUUs for yUU!

A collaborative project by our Religious Education program, intended to help weave our community together when we have to be apart.

Find these words that our K-3rd grade kids associate with South Church!

*South Church Shining Stars*

Who in our South Church community do you have a good memory of?

“I have good memories of Donna Waldron. During the time for greeting each other, she always comes over and talks to us and sometimes she sits with us.” -Dylan

*Fun Things To Do*

Kids’ ideas of what you can do when you feel the quarantine blahs

  • Feed the birds
  • Play with Legos
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Hang upside down from a tree branch
  • Practice this tongue twister: Jolly juggling jesters juggle jingle jacks
  • Get a church penpal and write to them (email jendeldeo@southchurch-uu.org to get a penpal!)
  • See pictures below for more ideas:

*Story Collaboration*

Here are stories that we wrote and illustrated in our groups!

Bunny and the Magic Wand

By Grades K-3 Group

Once upon a time, there was a bunny who was carrying a very long crystal magic wand. She used the wand to make a giant bowl of carrots. 

And the bunny had all different kinds of carrots; like different shapes and different colors. 

And each color of carrot would give the bunny a special ability. The bunny found a river and it was blue. The bunny hopped in and swam to the other side. 

When she got out, she picked a carrot out of her bowl that was green and she ate it. But that carrot was bad because it was green. And she said to herself, “I should never eat these carrots again!” 

So she threw the whole bowl of carrots into the river. But then she got onto a carrot and floated back to the other side. 

Then the bunny hit a tree. She was surprised when the tree said, “Hey! What’d you do that for?!” So the bunny said right back to it, “Get out of my way or you’ll be sorry.” 

Then the bunny said “I am sorry,” and the tree didn’t talk because it can’t talk.

The bunny looked down at the green carrot she’d been eating. And she thought to herself, “That carrot must have made it so I could understand the trees.” She thought maybe that was true, so she ate another carrot just to check. 

And then she found a bird. And then she hopped on it. Then the bird got upset and the bird started pecking at the bunny. 

Just then the bunny woke up and realized she’d had a wild dream and she decided that she would never kick a tree or jump on a bird or eat green carrots.

The End.

The Wrestling Kids

By Grades 3-5 Group

Once upon a time, there were two kids, and they were wrestling. 

Then they stopped wrestling and went outside. They got bored so they walked and walked and walked and walked, looking for something to do, and then they saw a big ball and they played with it for a little while.

This ball was exceptional; when I say big, I mean it was really big. It was bigger than they were. And when they would bounce it, it would bounce higher than the trees. On the 20th bounce, something happened: 

They had been noticing that each time they bounced the ball, it bounced a little higher. By the 20th bounce it was bouncing so high that it almost looked small at the top of the bounce and then it would come back down and each time it would squish a little more, and this 20th time it squished almost flat and it knocked both of the kids over because it came out so wide.

It popped right back up in the sky and the 2 kids didn’t want to get hurt again so they continued walking and walking and walking and they found a huge gingerbread house. They were so hungry that they started eating the house, and 10 minutes later they had eaten the whole house. 

Then they noticed that there was a woman inside the teeny tiny bits of the rest of the house. And that woman made a whistle sound. And when she made that sound, the ball that the kids had been playing with suddenly came bouncing right toward them. Only they were so full from eating so much gingerbread that they stood there, a little bit nervous, as they saw this enormous ball coming back at them. 

So they knew they wouldn’t be able to get out of the way. 

And they didn’t want to get hurt again. 

So they both held on to each other and spread their legs really wide to get their center of balance as low as possible, and they braced for impact. The ball came and it hit them almost straight on when it came down, and somehow the force of the bounce caused the kids to get sucked inside the ball as it came back up!

They were inside the ball and it just kept bouncing and bouncing until it stopped. 

Then the ball started getting smaller and flatter. 

Then they noticed they were just falling and falling and falling, and then they hit something.

Now the ball was flat, so they found a way out, and they had no idea where they were. 

So anyway, they were super dizzy and they got so tired but they still managed to stay awake and they asked the woman, “Why the heck did you ask that ball to smash us?!” 

Then they couldn’t help it any longer and they fell asleep. 

Well. The woman had called the ball because they had eaten her house. And it was pretty convenient that they had fallen asleep, because she knew just what to do. 

She scooped those kids up and she put them in a cart that was pulled behind a horse. She took them to their house, where they belonged, and she told the parents what had happened: That they had eaten her house all up and that she didn’t have a house any more.

The parents felt so bad for this woman, because their children had eaten her house, that they invited her to live with them. 

She moved in that very day. 

And every so often, from then on, occasionally, she would whistle and that giant ball would come bouncing back and suck those kids up for a ride in the sky.

The End.