September nUUs from Religious Education

Senior youth welcome back, in the woods! August 30th, 2020

Boy do we miss you all! 
Really hoping to see many of your faces as we collect water donations over the next two Sundays and have several other in-person, outdoor gatherings coming up as well. Whether that happens or not, know that you are loved and appreciated as we embark on a new church year together. Until then, I send you virtual greetings and hope for smooth transitions with whatever you are navigating.

In this month’s nUUs, we’ve shared some important upcoming dates, as well as details about September’s Water In-Gathering, and some resources for family’s at home. As always, please reach out if you have questions!

Also, Please Register! It is a strange one, but it’s still a new church year! Renew your family registration by clicking here!

What you need to know this month… 

Click Linked Items for additional Details:

All ages morning chapel on Zoom Every Sunday at 9:00am. This is a great way to stay in touch with other South Church Families, please join us! Parents encouraged to attend with your kids. Coffee and PJ’s are appropriate attire!

There are many ways to connect with other South church families this fall! Click here for RE Program Information

*Weather permitting **Tentative, details may change.

Water In-Gathering*- is the beginning of a new church year. As part of this annual tradition you are invited to bring a small vessel with water from somewhere meaningful; the beach where you walk in the mornings or a stream in your neighborhood, something collected on a trip you’ve taken, or just a small cup from your kitchen sink. We mix all of our offerings together along with water from years past, and that water is used for blessings and other ceremonies over the coming year.

*This year, Please bring your water in advance! Reverend Susan and Kirsten will be at church August 30th and September 6th from 11a-1pm or you can come anytime. More info Here

Family’s at Home: September’s Theme is Renewal

Our UU faith in pratice:

  • How is your family doing? A family covenant could help set intention as we start this new school year!
  • Got a Chalice? consider using a chalice before meals, or having one out during worship on Sunday mornings. It may seem a small thing, but simple rituals can have deep impact. Here are some words you can share as you light your chalice this month:

As we light this chalice… “This promise we fight for: to persist in kindness, persevere in compassion, and prevail in a life that is bound entirely to love”

excerpt from ‘On Claiming this Time for Renewal’, by Rev Gretchen Haley

Our UU faith in action:

  • Schedule time with your children to support Crossroads House, they are currently accepting donations for back-to-school supplies to help the many children who are living in their temporary housing right now.
  • Practice Anti-racism together we have gathered many resources to help families in the practice of anti-racism, and we’ll reach out with opportunities to engage in demonstrations as they happen.

Dinner Time Discussions: Some questions you might discuss at dinner this month to explore the theme of renewal:

  • Whose way of being in the world renews your faith in humanity? (Who do you admire? Who makes you feel happy?)
  • During fall, the trees turn their energy away from reaching out to the sun. Instead, they let go of their leaves and seek renewal in the rich soil where their roots live. How about you? How do people recharge their batteries? Are there different ways?
  • Sometimes when we feel tired we assume we need rest, but can you think of a time when what you really needed was play?
  • A lot has changed this year, do you still feel like you are connected to the community you live in? If not, how could you renew those connections?

Upcoming Themes (2020-2021 Church Year)

  • September 2020: We are a community of Renewal
  • October 2020:  We are a community of Deep Listening
  • November 2020: We are a community of Healing
  • December 2020: We are a community of Stillness
  • January 2021: We are a community of Imagination
  • February2021: We are a community of Beloved Community
  • March2021: We are a community of Commitment
  • April 2021: We are a community of Becoming
  • May 2021: We are a community of Story

What this year may bring…

Hello all,

Kirsten here 😊

I am reaching out to all of you to say all the things.

I miss you. Jen D and I are thinking of you. We’re worrying and scratching our heads about what the next school year will bring; and we keep reflecting on how our church community can help us navigate this crazy life with more intention, grace, and support.

So, let’s talk about that last thing, ok? What does our church and our faith offer us right now- especially right now- and what do we need to do to harness the opportunity?

Support. Perhaps one of the most challenging and fascinating aspects of this moment in history is how we are in some ways more collectively living a singular experience (this pandemic is turning the entire globe on it’s end, as is the climate crisis), and yet, the experience is unique for each and every one of us. For some of us, our work life has shrunk drastically, for others, work has remained fairly steady, and still others of us have had to shift to an entirely new hyper-speed gear in regard to work; Financial implications of all of those realities are equally disparate. Last spring, some of our children shifted to online learning with ease, for others, it was an utter disaster. Our health risks related to Covid 19 are wildly different, as are the degrees of loss- some of us are grieving the loss of beloveds, other’s don’t have any close family or friends who have died. Some of our parents are safe, some are needing unprecedented help from their adult children at a time when those same children are simultaneously stretched in every other way. Still, no matter your particular circumstances, all of us are grieving deeply right now. This moment of uncertainty and looming fears takes a deep toll on our hearts- even if we are doing relatively well through it all. You may notice it in spells of lethargy or hopelessness. I’ve taken to calling it “the corona-coaster”: some days it feels like things are ok, other days are so, so heavy. That grief needs care and tending, and dear parents, sometimes we are not great at tending to our own grief. For example, some of the things I say and do to avoid tending to my own grief:

My inner (or sometimes outer) voice diminishes my sadness: “Yes, this is hard, but compared to X, I’m so fortunate…”

I think to myself: “I just need to keep going, if I start thinking about it all I will crumble.

The moment I stop working or parenting, I keep catching myself filling my time with television or an audiobook so I can continue to avoid my thoughts.

I really want to pour a glass of wine or open a beer at night.. most nights..

I suspect many of you could make your own list of habits that you know aren’t serving you well, and yet, many of us have consciously or subconsciously excluded ourselves from the list of the people for whom we are responsible. Where do we rank amongst our children, our jobs, our family, and our friends?

My family snuck away for a vacation with a few other families last week– each family rented neighboring cabins. We did our (imperfect) best to minimize Covid risk (kids stayed out of other peoples living spaces, we socialized outdoors.) It was probably not the safest thing to do, but we needed it desperately. IT. We needed each other. We needed to see each other doing our imperfect best, we needed to share the load of parenting, we needed to vent and laugh, and strategize, and wring our hands. Our kids needed to be with other kids- not siblings, and they needed to be with other adults- not their parents.

Our church can help offer those things to us all the time, and especially now. I know it can feel like one more thing to fit in, but it’s different. Our collective can share the load of each of it’s parts. We can offer one another space to mourn ‘the everything’ of this moment, we are the ‘other’ adults for the children of our congregation and our children are given space at church to feel all the feelings of this moment, too– we all need to play and laugh (and dance!) and learn about serving others, and take action to change the world. That is how to tend to this grief, it is tremendously important for us to keep practicing those skills together.

Church looks different right now, and it will surely continue to look different in the coming months, but it’s still here. Jen and I are working on creating outdoor times for our children to connect. We are thinking about how and when we might endeavor to meet one another indoors with safety measures in place. We are reflecting deeply about how to time those opportunities so that they don’t overwhelm our families who will surely be stretched again this fall no matter what form our schools decide to take.

There is not going to be one answer to what church looks like for South Church families in the coming year. Please offer yourselves Grace when something doesn’t work for you; I do not believe that church participation rooted in guilt nourishes any of us. AND, Also… Please set Intention around your commitment to all of us, just as you do with so many other things in this wild, busy life. If you have not encouraged your kids to join a church zoom offering, consider trying one out this summer while they have more free time- there are some really sweet things happening in those spaces- imperfectly sweet, not-the-same-as-in-person sweet. Definitely try to join us for the in-person offerings being planned as well! Kids need to have regular contact with one another or their connections fade, and sometimes when connections fade, it’s hard to get them started again. Come to worship as a family on Sunday mornings. Gather some coloring supplies, or a favorite toy. Bring a candle so you can light the chalice with us. If your children lose interest after the time for all ages, let it be, but ask them back for that beginning again the next week.

I promise you, that pushing to keep your children in relationship with South Church, and choosing to keep that relationship alive for yourself will nourish you all through what you receive and what you are able to give in the exchange.

Last week I was fantasizing with our travel crew about how amazing it would be to live more communally– to have a homestead organized around shared common space where many families shared meals and co-parented. South Church isn’t quite that, but it’s a far cry from doing this work alone, and that is, perhaps, the best news I can share with each of you– we have each other. Whatever comes in the coming months, I am so grateful to be facing it together with all of you. 🖤

Click here for Current RE Offerings

Monday, August 3rd~Parent reflection and vespers service– 8pm. We will meet on zoom for a 45 minute facilitated reflection on parenting in this moment, and we will close with a 15 minute shared vesper service. Please arrive on time, and give yourself a minute before hand to ground yourself in your space- if at all possible, avoid multi tasking for this hour. Join Zoom Meeting

As our country reels again…

Dear parents,

I have been reflecting on the trauma, anger, and violence that has been re-awakened across our country following the murder of another black person by a police officers. It is a reaction to injustice that has been tolerated for too long– and it can feel paralyzing. Again and again I find myself asking what am I called to do in this moment? -as a mother, as an ally, as a white woman, as a person with some financial security, and a person who has the immense privilege of living in a place where white residents are insulated from the realities of racism, violence, and extreme hardship in our world.

I am seeing and talking with many of you who are recommitting to the fact that we have work to do to help create a future where this kind of violence and hatred is no longer tolerated. It is a part of my job at South Church to support each of you in this work to the best of my ability*, and so here is a beginning, as I ask what am I called to do in this moment?

Keep working to dismantle white supremacy within myself, find ways to take action, and teach children how to practice anti-racism. The path toward dismantling white supremacy in our country requires that white families teach our children how to be anti-racist; we need to talk to our children about our country’s 400 year legacy of oppression, and teach them how to help end that system. There are so many clear resources and strategies for having these conversations in age-appropriate ways. Black and brown families do not have the privilege of protecting the innocence of their children in the United States; they are all to aware that there is a different set of rules and risks that their children will have to navigate. They are forced to prepare their kids for the potential risks they will face in myriad ways, and that means, as white folks, we have an equal responsibility to address this ongoing reality.

Many of you are familiar with our OWL sexuality education program at church, and the framing of that program is helpful to keep in mind. Teaching our children how to be anti-racist is ongoing work; for white folks, it is conversations and learning moments that build on one another and slowly form a comprehensive understanding about what it means to be white, as well as how white people have benefitted in this world at the expense of black, brown, and indigenous people.

As part of this reflection, parents, please stop reading now, and watch this time for all ages offered by Lauren Wyeth, the religious educator who serves the UU congregation in Minneapolis. Recorded for worship this past Sunday (May 31, 2020) in the wake of a week of protests following the murder of George Floyd:

When you watched that segment, I wonder how many of you found yourself wanting to soften it’s message a little? Wondering if the conversation could be a little less specific about what happened. We want to protect our children from knowing how violent human beings can be when they dehumanize others, but her words are so true: “Knowing hard things is still easier than having questions that we can’t ask, or feelings that we can’t express.” When we actively insulate our children from the truth that exists for so many others, we might protect them from “knowing hard things” for a while, but we also prevent them from developing an understanding of themselves in the context of our larger world, we slow their development of an understanding of whiteness. The longer you wait to start to develop an understanding of what it means to be white, the longer you accumulate bias, and the longer it will be before you can begin to truly embody a practice of anti-racism.

When my colleague was asked if people could share her children’s message in other congregations, she responded: “Yes, please do, so long as you don’t make edits that shift the focus onto the needs and perspectives of white people. This means, among other things, do not add mention of exceptional white cops or fail to call this murder or leave out the demands of Black communities. I understand your congregations may not allow you to tell the truth about George Floyd and police violence; if that’s the case, I’m with you in your despair and rage.”

She also shared that she worked closely with several colleagues and families within her congregation to create that message. “And here’s the bottom line:” she said, “it’s not that hard. This is a *simple* message. No bells and whistles. Just talking to kids about real things, directly and with love. That’s all it is.

I think that’s a good place to end this part of an ongoing conversation. I send love to all of you, as you navigate the hard work of living in this complicated and broken world, and reminder that you are not alone. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are all doing this work together.

*There is a collection of resources to support conversations on race, racism, and resistance HERE

May nUUs from Religious Education

Video update on Religious Education at South Church

Our May nUUs is a bit late, but here it is in video form! What’s in it:

Descriptions of our current weekly religious education offerings, which can be found here.

Our intentions for children, youth and families right now are simple: To check in with each other and share how we are doing; create community and opportunities to connect with others; have fun. 

Chapel For All Ages: Sunday mornings at 9:00. This is a sweet 30 minute community time for families. Kids can come with or without parents!

Be sure to watch the Bridging worship service at 10am on Sunday 5/31. Also, our 8th graders will be hosting the annual Coming of Age worship on June 14th. Both will be streamed on the YouTube channel!

April nUUs from Religious Education

Sunday morning Religious Education Zoomers

How are you? No, really, how are you?

“Good, how are you?” just doesn’t seem like enough right now. What normally feels like a simple social nicety feels more like a serious social care taking need right now. There are plenty of things we still need to do together, business to cover, plans to carry out, but first we need to know who we each are in this wild moment. And we may be different tomorrow, or in an hour, or 5 minutes from now.

In the South Church Zoom world, we’ve had lots of iterations of groups meeting online in the past few weeks: South Church staff, teaching teams, worship teams, parents, Senior Youth, Coming of Age, children, and others. Each time, it feels necessary to check in for real before we begin any other kind of work. The intensity of all that is new and uncertain right now deserves naming before we can set it aside to do the things we want to do together. Witnessing, hearing, and seeing how others are, and speaking honestly about how we are at this moment feels right and tends to make the loads easier to bear.

We are very aware of how overstretched most parents are right now. These are unprecedented challenges we’re facing, and if you feel like you are failing, please know– you are not alone in that feeling. The expectations being put on us in this moment are largely impossible to meet. If you have not had a chance to check in with church at all- know that we are here when you are able to find the time. No guilt.

SO, on that note, IF you have a few minutes:

Hey Kids! It’s time to vote for the children’s shared plate recipient: Click here for the Ballot. Please vote on or before April 5th!

This Week’s All Church Challenge! Family Chalice lighting videos! We’re asking for short videos of your family lighting a chalice at home– we’re going to use these videos to create a montage for our worship chalice lighting. If you don’t have a chalice at home, here are some ideas for making one! Send submissions to Thanks to everyone who submitted short dance videos that were included in worship on 3/15, and/or a photo of yourselves wearing some kind of costume which were used this past Sunday. It’s so wonderful to see glimpses of your faces!

Upcoming offerings: Click HERE for meeting links/more info– (updated often!)

  • Coffee chat For ParentsFriday April 3rd 7:30am –
  • Sparks and Purple Flames! Friday April 3rd, 7:00-9:00pm- Meeting ID: 930 594 613
  • Baby and Toddler Story Hour! Saturday 4/4 at 7pm 

Ongoing on Sundays: Click HERE for meeting links/more info.

  • Online Worship at 10 AM on the South Church Youtube page
  • Church Kids zoom group (for elementary-7th grade) at 11:30 am
  • Coming of Age meets at 11:30 am
  • Senior youth meets at 4pm

Looking for creative things to do, parent resources, and more? We have an ever growing list of cool stuff for you, HERE. Sending you all SO much love, and so much gratitude for the sweet gifts you each add to our church community. Take care of your hearts, we’ll see you soon!

Dear parents,

Chalice Lighting at Senior Youth gathering last Sunday

How are your hearts?

We are thinking about you all the time. We are missing you. And we are working hard on setting up new ways for us to be together. In each of our homes there are so many similar experiences and so many unique challenges unfolding, but certainly for every one of us this week has been hard.

As this global crisis continues to evolve and the realities of what is coming starts settling in, try -as much as you can- to slow down. Breath. And listen to your own heart and to those around you. All the rules have changed. None of us know what lies ahead, but we are not alone and there is beauty to be found even in this most difficult moment.

Here is the new Family Resources page, which includes a few links about what’s happening right now, and how to talk about all of this with your children.

If you did not see Kirsten’s letter to our South Church Kids, click HERE and share it with them.

And, if you missed the Worship last Sunday – make sure your children see the story we wrote for them and the bonus material at the very end- it will make you smile! (And we welcome similar submissions from all of you!)

The immediate focus for Kirsten and Jen is building up our new ‘Virtual Offerings’ pages on the RE website, click over for a few Upcoming opportunities to connect:

We are sending so much love to each and every one of you.

To all the children and youth of South Church,

To all the children and youth of South Church,

I have been thinking about all of you so much this week, and wanting to reach out to you to see how you are? Usually, sending a message to you when our regular routines are being changed for some reason, would be my first priority. But this particular week has been different than anything I’ve ever experienced before, and it’s created a whole new set of work for me and the rest of the staff at church. We’ve been working really hard, but I haven’t had enough time for all of it, so I’m really sorry it’s taken so long to write to you!

SO, here’s the most important thing; I want to tell you how very proud of each of you I am, because you are all doing a great job at being flexible about really unexpected changes. And I want to tell you how sorry I am about all of the things that may have been in your plans over the next few weeks that are being cancelled. I am sure a lot of you are feeling really sad about that, or frustrated, or confused. If you ever want to talk, you can write to me, or Cat, or Jen Del Deo, any time!

My email is:
Cat’s email is:
Jen Del Deo’s email is:

The second most important thing I have to tell you, is that I need your help with one of the coolest projects I have ever seen us try to do at South Church! Starting this Sunday, South Church’s worship will be streaming online! Our in-person gatherings are on pause for at least the next 4 weeks. This means that I am working with a whole bunch of other adults to figure out how to make a space on the internet where we can all come together as a community and share time with one another. Just this week, those of us who have been planning worship have thought about all kinds of cool ways to start this project, but we need your help! I’d be willing to guess that none of us know even a quarter of what most of you know about technology, and we want to make sure we take advantage of all the expertise we can find right now! I’m hoping you’ll help us create this new church space over the next few weeks!?

Tomorrow’s worship will be the very beginning of the adventure. If you haven’t already heard, tomorrow will be extra special because we have just welcomed a new minister to our church, named Reverend Susan (you can sneak a peek at her HERE), and she’ll be at worship with us! Alice O’Traynor, (one of the nicest, smartest people I have ever met!) is giving the sermon, with another amazing church member named Laurie Bilby who will be the worship associate. Joanne will be leading music, with a whole bunch of other musicians joining her, and Jen Deldeo and I are planning a special story for you all.

I hope that you will ‘come’ to worship with your parents. It will be streaming on Youtube live, and we will be posting the link on our website or on our South Church facebook accounts. Make sure one of you have a youtube account, so you can make comments!
South Church members group on facebook
South Church’s public page (you can access this without joining facebook)

Before worship, look around your house and see if you can find something you can use as a chalice at home, so you can light it with us during worship. Maybe you might like to download some some coloring pages too, so you have something to keep your hands busy as you listen and watch the worship. You will have a chance to share a rose, bud, or thorn during the worship, so if you don’t know how to type, you might want to tell a family member what you want to share so they can type it for you.
This coming week, and for the next few weeks Jen Del Deo and I are going to be brainstorming what it might look like to have religious education gatherings online. Maybe we can have a bedtime story hour? or a kid chat where we share ideas with each other about what we do when we’re bored at home?! Maybe you all want to play a game together on a zoom chat?! What do you think would be a good idea? Youth group will be meeting online for sure, as will coming of age. But what other ideas do you have, and how can we support each other and keep one another company? That’s what I want you to wonder about– I CAN’T WAIT to hear the cool ideas you come up with!

I can’t wait to “see” you tomorrow!! Please be extra kind to your family if you can right now, everyone is feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Most of all, don’t forget that I love you all very much! ~Kirsten

March nUUs from Religious Education

Crossing Paths- religious exploration class, just back from attending Mass at Immaculate conception on Feb 16th

We’re getting daylight back, everyone! Clocks change this week, which for me always brings some extra evening energy. It won’t be long before we have windows open, and that pale green of early spring kissing the trees… sweet season, this.

Corona virus: There are still a lot of unknowns about what might be on the horizon for our community related to the spread of Corvid 19, but I will be communicating with families as necessary while things evolve. In the mean time, I think this comic is a great way to sit down and talk with your kids– they are surely hearing things about this virus, so making time to reflect with them will allow them to communicate any fear or anxiety they might be feeling. While we’re on the topic, here’s a link to a more reflective, deep dive connecting this virus with larger elements of our world right now, written by Susan Raffo: “Coronavirus, Climate Change and Community Care”

This Month… (follow the program links for more information)

  • March 6th– Sparks and Purple Flames social groups will be competing in our 2nd annual CHOPPED! competition at South Church from 7-9pm. Please RSVP if you can join us! I need extra chaperone/judges, too: Sign up to volunteer
  • March 8th– Worship at 10a- Spirit play for pre K-Kinder students and Meditation and Theme Workshops will convene after the story for all ages. 6th-7th graders can choose to join us in the theme workshops, or attend worship with your families- no crossing paths this week. Coming of Age (8th grade) meet WITH PARENTS at #73 Court st after the time for all ages. 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm at South Church, and Senior youth group will meet at 4pm at 73 Court St.
  • March 14th: Families Tuugether 4:30-8pm. Remember to RSVP!
  • March 15th– Worship at 10a- Spirit play for pre K-Kinder students and Meditation and Theme Workshops will convene after the story for all ages. 6th-7th grade Crossing Paths will meet to explore Buddhism (10am-11:30). Coming of Age (8th grade) will meet in the social hall to set up for Lunch with special guests– extended class today (lunch from 10a-Noon). 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm at South Church, and Senior youth group will meet at 4pm at 73 Court.
  • March 22nd: Worship at 10a- Spirit play for pre K-Kinder students and Meditation and Theme Workshops will convene after the story for all ages. 6th-7th grade Crossing Paths visit to Aryaloka Buddhist center today. Coming of Age (8th grade) will meet with mentors at Court St. for a scavenger hunt- so we’ll be going till 11:30 today! 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm at South Church, and Senior youth group will meet at 4pm at 73 Court.
  • March 29th: Worship at 10a- Spirit play for pre K-Kinder students and Meditation and Theme Workshops will convene after the story for all ages. 6th-7th graders can choose to join us in the theme workshops, or attend worship with your families- no crossing paths this week. Coming of Age (8th grade) will meet with mentors at Court St. 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm at South Church, and Senior youth group will meet at 4pm at 73 Court.
  • April 5th: Worship at 10a. Pancake Breakfast today!

Save the date! There will be a No Cages No Carbon summit, hosted by the UUNH Action Network which will take place at the UU church in Exeter on Saturday, May 9th. The programming has been planned to include adults and youth of middle school age and older, and there will be children’s programming for younger kids. I hope you will join me!

Family Resources to engage the question: “What does it mean to be a family of wisdom?”

  • Story To Read Together: I am Jazz (for Transgender Day of Visibility Mar 31) by Jessica Herthel  (Author), Jazz Jennings (Author), Shelagh McNicholas (Illustrator). Find the Book here. “The story of a transgender child based on the real-life experience of Jazz Jennings, who has become a spokesperson for transkids everywhere.” – Amazon
  • Family Discovery: The Wisdom of Simplicity: Make a Kite
    • Option #1: A simple activity is building and flying a kite. You can make one for under $1 out of a plastic garbage bag, two dowels, tape and string. Here are the instructions: For a group, we recommend making some premeasured templates so the children can use them as a guide to cut their bag to the right shape, instead of measuring it. Reflect on how the building of the kite teaches you the wisdom of careful following of instructions.
    • Option #2: We recommend this “Color a Sled Kite” as “the best ever for RE kids and young youth!” It allows you to design the image yourself, and it flies well in little wind. Order these beforehand @$7.50. P.S. There is an inexpensive small box of crayons provided in the kit. You may want to use permanent markers on the Tyvek surface of the kite for more satisfying graphics.
  • Family Movie Night Idea: Song of the Sea “.. But what really makes Song of the Sea such a winning and delightful film is its focus on the two siblings, the use of traditional music, and the stories within the story. Ben is the keeper of his mum’s stories (all of which are true, we learn), and Saoirse is the keeper of the song that will set the fairy spirits free from their imprisonment. It may sound a bit complicated, but in the context of the movie, even young kids will understand what’s going on and how the various stories interconnect..” – Common Sense review
  • For Parents: (Support for Adults as Faith Formation Guides): The Wisdom of Play a great publication about how children learn to make sense of the world through play

Sending love to you all, may this season of change offer your family inspiration and growth!

February nUUs from Religious Education

Exploring integrity through group fort building!

Happy February everyone!

I am getting ready to drive my eldest back to college tomorrow, and so I am feeling a little sentimental as January comes to a close. Having him home this month was such a delight– even the wet towels on his bedroom floor 😉 So, my advice should you want it? Snuggle up with your little ones and smell their heads. They will be out of reach, sharing their magic with the wider world too soon.

Have you registered for the RE program this year? If not, you can register by clicking here!

This Month… (follow the program links for more information)

  • February 2nd– Worship at 10a- young people (preschool-5th grade) head downstairs for Children’s Chapel after the time for all ages (don’t forget to bring a small donation and your UU7 Challenge sheets!) 5th grade OWL– 9:30 at Court St- and 5th grade OWL parents: read this. 6th-7th grade Crossing Paths will meet at 10am to reflect on last weeks Quaker visit. Coming of Age (8th grade) meets at #73 Court st at 10a. 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm at South Church, and Senior youth group will meet at 4pm at 73 Court St
  • February 7th– Sparks and Purple Flames social groups will be playing a game called MURDER at South Church from 7-9pm. Please RSVP if you can join us!
  • February 8th– Senior youth worship rehearsal and overnight.
  • February 9th: Senior Youth will be leading worship at 10a- there is no upper grade programming this morning, in hopes that older children will attend the youth worship. The Nursery will be open and there will be Spirit Play, and Elementary age church programming after the Time for all ages. 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm as usual. No Senior Youth group this week.
  • February 15th: Families Tuugether 4:30-8pm. Remember to RSVP!
  • February 16th: Worship at 10a. Spirit play for pre K-Kinder students and Elementary age Workshops for 1st-5th grade convene after the story for all ages.  6th-7th grade *tbd. Coming of Age (8th grade) meet with mentors at #73 Court st at 10a. 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm at South Church, and Senior youth group will meet at 4pm at 73 Court St.
  • February 23rd: Worship at 10a. Multi-age school vacation programming this week. No upper grade classes or OWL.
  • March 2nd– Worship at 10a (led by Kirsten). Young people (preschool up to 7th grade) are invited to Children’s Chapel after the time for all ages (don’t forget to bring a small donation and your UU7 Challenge sheets!) Coming of Age (8th grade) meets at #73 Court st at 10a. 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm at South Church, and Senior youth group will meet at 4pm at 73 Court St

Family and Parent Resources for exploring Resilience These resources help parents as they engage the question: “What does it mean to be a family of Resilience?”

Story To Read Together: Richard Right and the Library Card. Book here. Video link: “As a young black man in the segregated South of the 1920s, Wright was hungry to explore new worlds through books, but was forbidden from borrowing them from the library. This touching account tells of his love of reading, and how his unwavering perseverance, along with the help of a co-worker, came together to make Richard’s dream a reality ” – Amazon. Theme Connection: Richard Wright was a real person. A resilient African American man who had to have grit to get access to books in the library. From the hard times of racism, he rose to become one the most brilliant writers in the U.S.

Family Discovery: Laugh with Me Video (19 min) which we will be using in the meditation room this month. Engaging directions for different laughter exercises: Driving Laughter, Puppet Laughter, Blossom Laughter, Surfing Laughter, Laughter Cream, A Gentle Laughter Meditation.

Family Movie Night Idea: Odd Squad Theme Connection: Each episode sees kids confronted with a problem that must be solved with grit and determination.

For You (Support for Adults as Faith Formation Guides):

  • Grit: the Power of Passion and Perseverance (Ted talk) Leaving a high-flying job in consulting, Angela Lee Duckworth took a job teaching math to seventh graders in a New York public school. She quickly realized that IQ wasn’t the only thing separating the successful students from those who struggled. Here, she explains her theory of “grit” as a predictor of success.
  • How I Learned to Let My Kid Fail, by Diane Tavenner

January nUUs from Religious Education

It’s a NEW DECADE, everyone!

I am sitting at the front desk at church right now, listening to a full room of laughter and light as our high school youth feed the First Night revelers hot bowls of chili! Thank you so much to all of you who made pots of chili to donate, who showed up to help with serving, or who came to eat and take it all in!

Have you registered for the RE program this year? If not, you can register by clicking here!

This Month… (follow the program links for more information)

  • January 3rdSparks and Purple Flames social groups will be ice skating tonight! 7-9pm at Puddledock pond. RSVP if you can join us!
  • January 5th: Worship at 10a- with a special New Year ritual before out young people (preschool-5th grade) head downstairs for Children’s Chapel don’t forget to bring a small donation and your UU7 Challenge sheets (if you completed any of them)! 5th grade OWL– 9:30 at Court St- and there is 5th grade OWL parent forum this week at 9am.  Coming of Age (8th grade) meets at #73 Court st at 10a. 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm at South Church, and Senior youth group and parents will meet at 4pm at 73 Court St for our first GA planning potluck!
  • January 11th: Families Tuugether 4:30-8pm. Remember to RSVP!
  • January 12th: Worship at 10a. Spirit play for pre K-Kinder students and Elementary age Workshops for 1st-5th grade convene after the story for all ages. 5th grade OWL- 9:30 at Court St. 6th-7th grade will meet in the Carson Parlour. Coming of Age (8th grade) meet at #73 Court st at 10a. 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm at South Church, and Senior youth group will meet at 4pm at 73 Court St.
  • January 18th: *community event* The NH Women’s March an empowering event in support women’s rights, human rights, social and environmental justice. This event is hosted by several grassroots organizations with deep roots and commitment to advancing these values in our community. We will meet at Noon at South Church to make posters. There will be speakers at 1 pm in Market Square followed by the magnificent Leftist Marching Band! Dress warm!
  • January 19th: Worship at 10a. 6th and 7th grade Crossing Paths meet at 10am to prepare for our visit to the Quaker meeting house next week. Spirit play for pre K-Kinder students and Elementary age Workshops for 1st-5th grade convene after the story for all ages. There is NO OWL or Coming of age this week. Senior youth will lead a coffee sale in the morning, but there is no youth group Sunday night.
  • January 20th: *community event* Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast  This is not listed specifically as a family event, but a great way to celebrate MLKjr. Pancake Breakfast 8:30am, speakers and music from 10:00-12:00. Program includes Keynote Speaker Reverend Jeffrey M. McIlwain, Pastor at North Star AME Zion Church, Newington NH. Music by North Star Right Now Band with Choir, Marie Foti, and Gary Richardson. Hosted by Reverend Robert Thompson, Chair, Black Heritage Trail New Hampshire. Join us afterwards for a tour of the Black Heritage Trail with Sankofa Scholar Nur Shoop.
  • January 26th: Worship at 10a. Spirit play for pre K-Kinder students and Elementary age Workshops for 1st-5th grade convene after the story for all ages. 5th grade OWL- 9:30 at Court St. 6th-7th grade will meet in the Carson Parlour. Coming of Age (8th grade) meet at #73 Court st at 10a. 7th grade OWL will meet at 4pm at South Church, and Senior youth group will meet at 4pm at 73 Court St. The Annual Meeting is today after church, childcare will be available.

Family and Parent Resources for exploring Integrity These resources help parents as they engage the question: “What does it mean to be a family of Integrity?”

  • Story To Read Together
  • Family Discovery
  • Family Movie Night Ideas
    • Mary Poppins “Families can talk about how Mary Poppins gets her messages across. What’s easier to hear, a command or a song? How does Poppins get respect from others? Why is it important to spend time together? What happens if people get too busy sometimes to “go fly a kite”? How does Mary Poppins teach and demonstrate … integrity?”
  • Support for Parents as Faith Formation Guides