May Nuus from Religious Education

beach cleanup copyHello religious education family and friends,

Believe it or not, our RE program for this church year is beginning to wind down. We have a few more weeks of classes and some great upcoming events before transitioning into our Summer schedule. Please read through the info provided here, and come and join us for some of the end of year happenings!

In this post:

  • This months worship theme is Transcendence
  • Sparks and Purple flames- May 6th
  • Mother’s day hanging flower plant sale May 8th
  • Beach Clean-up: May 14th 10:30 am
  • Families Tuugether- Saturday, May 14th
  • South Church Yard Sale- May 28th (rain date the 29th)
  • Bridging (High School graduating seniors): June 5th at 10am
  • Summer at South Church
  • South Church Retreat on STAR ISLAND!!
Transcendence- I suspect you are all starting to see that we are making some significant changes to how we provide Religious Education at South Church. Many of our new ideas are connected to theme based ministry, which has been a foundation of our worship calendar for several years. Each month, our congregation is encouraged to reflect on a particular theme, and to use that theme as a container for examining our lives and our faith. In RE, we are moving toward a similar methodology as we prepare for big changes in our available space (the upcoming capital improvements), as well as addressing overextended families and volunteers.
This month, we look at Transcendence, which is a complicated idea, and one that many stumble over, perhaps especially as UU’s. It seems very fitting in this moment to be exploring an idea that is in many ways inherently out of reach- something essentially unattainable. As I have your attention for only a brief moment here, I invite to to imagine the unattainable as it relates to our community. In what ways might we visualize transcendence as a community facing big changes that offer both challenges and opportunities in abundance? I will be coming back to all of you in the coming weeks to ask for your help in this re envisioning. I doubt there is anyone reading this who doesn’t struggle with the dichotomy of wanting to find more depth and connection in their life, and the life of their children, while also feeling a complete absence of time and energy to work toward that goal. This challenge is on the front burner for our congregation right now, and I truly believe it is transcendent work. I hope you will join me in the conversation.
Sparks and Purple Flames- our Social groups for 5-6th and 7-8th graders will be having our end of year gathering at South Church on Friday, May 6th at 7:00-9:00 pm. Wear sneakers, bring a flashlight and a favorite snack, and be ready for some church games and fun! (RSVP Required!)
Mother’s Day- Hanging flower plant sale- this annual fundraiser benefits our Senior Youth group service trip fund, which be used to send 13 of our youth to Appalachia in June of this year.  Bring $25 on Sunday and you can help support this great service learning trip and also head home with a beautiful hanging flower basket! (Flowers are from Wentworth gardens)
Beach Clean up- Saturday, May 14th at 10:30 am- this event is a collaborative project of our Fellowship Associates and the Religious Education Council, and will be a wonderful day outside helping our community and supporting the work of the Blue Ocean Society. Please sign up at our table in the Parish Hall after services or contact Roddy Cole at
Families Tuugether- May 14th- 4:30-8
Open to children 8 months through Sixth grade, Families Tuugether is a popular program for families of young kids; an opportunity for parents to reconnect and to recharge. Offered monthly during the church year starting in October, children are dropped off at South Church at 4:30pm with a potluck dish to share (Ready to serve, please), and parents head up to the sanctuary for a short group gathering before heading out to enjoy some quite time. Children will strengthen friendships, enjoy a movie, and play fun games. Parents return to get their child no later than 8pm. Please note: Families MUST RSVP if they plan to come to this event, so that we are able to meet the staffing needs. Program is be closed after 25 children register, to ensure we have a safe and fun event.
Rummage Sale Fundraiser for Appalachia: The South Church youth group will be hosting a rummage sale on Memorial day weekend, Saturday, May 28th (with a raindate of Sunday, May 29th) From 10:00am to 2:00pm. We will be collecting donations Tuesday, May 24th through Friday, May 27th during office hours (9am-2pm) and by appointment. All unsold merchandise will be donated to a local thrift store at the conclusion of the rummage sale. Please donate, and come support the sale (find some new treasures for your home!)
Bridging (High School graduating seniors): June 5th at 10am- This is our return to a one service schedule for the summer months, and a day that is sure to bring some misty tears as we celebrate another wave of graduates bridging into the welcoming arms of our young adult congregants. Bridging is also a time to acknowledge the changes that are happening to all of us, children moving up a grade, parents growing into new understanding of themselves, congregants who are taking a new direction in life,  retiring, downsizing.. the list is long. Come and reflect with us on the many bridges over which we walk in life.
Summer at South Church- On June 12th we will begin our summer program at South Church. We will be engaging in a multi-age theme based workshop model this summer, kind of a preview of our fall program. I am currently looking for volunteers who are able to help lead a Sunday class or two over the summer months. It is a HUGE help if you can email me and let me know you’d be willing to chip-in. I cannot do it alone, and it’s very time consuming to have to call each family individually, so reach out!  I promise, we’re gonna have some fun!!
 2016 Star Island South Church Retreat: Deepening: Make time for deepening and connecting on beautiful Star Island during the annual South Church Star Island Retreat. 4 days of rest, restoration, and reflection, starting Saturday, July 16th. This year Revs Chris and Lauren will facilitate a focus on Spiritual Deepening, and children’s activities will be provided each morning. For information about dates, registration, costs, etc you can pick up information during coffee hour, or send an email and I’ll put you in touch with the retreat planners! We hope to see you there!



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