May ’22 nUUs from Religious Education


May Day celebration, 5/1/22 (photo by Wes T.)

Hi there, Beloved Friends,

Things are growing and blooming, both literally and metaphorically!

I hope you’ve heard that, after a long and arduous process, the Ministerial Search Committee has found and made a match with a candidate to be our next settled minister: Reverend Ellen Quaadgras. We will enter a flurry of next steps to finalize this process, and I want to make sure you know how that works, how you can be involved, and how we can support you in participating.

Beginning Sunday, May 8th, Rev Ellen will spend a week getting to know us, and helping us get to know her. She will give the sermons on May 8th and May 15th, and there will be lots of opportunities in between those two services, to meet and connect with her. Click HERE for the Candidate Week calendar of events. Also, while some events are kid-friendly, we want to make sure that adults who have children can also choose to attend any events without their kids, if they would like to that week. We can offer either childcare or funds for you to hire your own childcare. Please email me as soon as you can to make those arrangements:

Candidate Week will culminate with a special congregational meeting, where among other things, we will vote on whether to call Reverend Ellen as our settled minister. That will be after worship at 11:15am on May 15th, and every member of South Church can vote. The meeting will be in person and on Zoom.

This is a big transition, and big transitions often come with many kinds of emotions. There is a lot of excitement, nervousness, joy, etc for welcoming Reverend Ellen; and sorrow, nervousness, etc for saying farewell to our dear Reverend Susan. Please join in the ways that as a community we will be intentional in processing and moving forward with the transitions in lovely ways.

Be in touch about all the things. Much Love to each of you,


Mother’s Day Bazaar and Plant Sale! Our high school youth will be holding a fantastic fundraiser after worship on Sunday, May 8th. There will be hanging plants, chocolate, and various handmade gifts for purchase. All proceeds will go toward funding a service learning trip to Appalachia that 13 youth will be going on this summer! Great opportunity to find special gifts for all the mothers in our lives.

Cash, check and credit card will be accepted! 

If you haven’t yet, PLEASE REGISTER YOUR CHILDREN, whether you plan to attend regularly or not! It is tremendously helpful for us to keep track of who our young people are and what we need to know about them.CLICK HERE for RE registration!

What you need to know this month… 

Click Linked Items for additional Details:

Click here for 2021-2022 RE Program Information

  • Sunday, May 1st:
    • Worship at 10:00a, in person and live on YouTube. Sermon offered by Rev Susan
    • Young Church meets downstairs following TFAA
    • Maypole celebration on the lawn after worship!
    • Coming of Age meets 9:45-11:00, Piscataqua Room
    • 6th/7th grade Service Learning meets 10:00-11:00, Carson Room
    • Senior Youth meets 4:00-6:00p with parents, for WV Learning Session 4. Upstairs at Court St building
  • Sunday, May 8th:
    • Worship at 10:00a, in person and live on YouTube. Sermon offered by Reverend Ellen
    • Young Church meets downstairs following TFAA
    • No Coming of Age today–come to worship to meet Rev Ellen!
    • Senior Youth fundraiser: Mother’s Day plant sale and Bazaar! On the church lawn after worship
    • 11:30 Q&A with Rev Ellen in sanctuary
  • Thursday, May 12th:
    • 6:00pm Game Night in the sanctuary and pizza on the portico! Come meet and play with Rev Ellen. Kids welcome!
  • Friday, May 13th-Sun, May 15th:
    • High School youth camping trip at Pawtuckaway State Park!
  • Saturday, May 14th:
    • 9:30am Bagels and Coffee with Rev Ellen on the portico–families with children are welcome!
  • Sunday, May 15th:
    • Worship at 10:00a, in person and live on YouTube. Sermon offered by Reverend Ellen Quaadgras
    • Coming of Age meets with mentors early for faith statement feedback session: 9:30-10:15, Piscataqua Room, then join worship!
    • Senior Youth will not meet this afternoon, since we will be tired and ready for showers after our camping trip 🙂
  • Sunday, May 22nd:
    • Worship at 10:00a, in person and live on YouTube. Sermon offered by Reverend Susan
    • Coming of Age meets 9:45-11:00, Piscataqua Room
    • Senior Youth meets for Faith Exploration and CoA alumni panel!

May’s Theme is “Nurturing Beauty

Our UU faith in practice and action:

  • Learn together about Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that commemorates a victorious resistance to invasion, led by an indigenous Mexican leader and carried out by an unlikely group of loyal residents.
    • Family friendly written explanation on
    • Video: “What is Cinco de Mayo?” on YouTube
  • Try this version of Rainbow Meditation
  • Create a “Best Thing” poem to celebrate the beauty of a thing or person, using this activity.
  • Make these affirmation jars, to help us remember and nurture our own true beauty
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to record some of the places you saw beauty, such as: your fuzzy warm socks, a friend’s smile, or a sunset.

Chalice Lighting for mealtimes this month:

Earth and All, by Rev. Dr. David Breeden

We join together, 

bringing both our 

shadow and our light. 

We join together, 

opening our minds 

and our hearts. 

We join together, 




the beauty of each, 

the beauty of self, 

the beauty of the earth, 

the beauty of all. 

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