January ’21 nUUs From Religious Education

Thanks to ALL who helped make this year’s pageant so wonderful!

Happy New year, dear families of South Church!

This is the year where everything magically becomes good again, right?

That is possible, and it will require us to become quite imaginative. We will also need to put a lot of work into building what we imagine. If we don’t dream big dreams and take real action to make them come true, then the best we can hope for is a watery version of the old “normal”, which I don’t think any of us really wants.

The possibilities are endless. Truly believing this simple truth is the first big hurdle. We have to dust off our imagination caps and get out of these boxes we’ve trapped ourselves in. What would an ideal community look like? What would be perfect day-to-day lifestyles for my family and yours? What are all the different forms of justice and love we can create?

What do you imagine for this coming year? What might we imagine together? One thing I know is this: We need the kids to help. They have great imaginations, and they get it; they know what’s fair, they know how to love, and they believe in big dreams.

How exciting it is to be part of a group that is dedicated to dream big and build beloved community.

One more thing… Please Register your kids for the program year! It keeps our records accurate. click here for the online form!

What you need to know this month… 

Click Linked Items for additional Details:

All ages morning chapel on Zoom Every Sunday at 9:00am. This is a great way to stay in touch with other South Church Families, please join us! Parents encouraged to attend with your kids. Coffee and PJ’s are appropriate attire!

There are still many ways to connect with other South church families! Click here for RE Program Information

  • Sunday, January 3:
    • All-Ages Chapel 9:00-9:30a on Zoom
    • Worship on Youtube 10a-11a~ led by Kirsten
  • Tuesday January 5:
    • Grades K-5 meet on Zoom
  • Sunday, January 10:
    • All-Ages Chapel 9:00-9:30a on Zoom
    • Worship on Youtube 10a-11a~ led by Anne Deminoff
    • Coming of Age 8th grade meets with mentors outdoors in person 2:30-4:00**
    • Senior Youth meet inside church at 11:30am!
  • Tuesday, January 12:
    • Grades K-5 meet on Zoom
  • Friday, January 15:
    • Grades 5-7 Social–Hide and Seek at Urban Forestry Center! 6:30-7:30**
  • Sunday, January 17:
    • All-Ages Chapel 9:00-9:30a on Zoom
  • Tuesday January 19:
    • Grades K-5 meet on Zoom
  • Friday January 22:
    • 6th/7th Grade Service Learning group meets on Zoom 7:00-8:00
  • Sunday, January 24:
    • All-Ages Chapel 9:00-9:30a on Zoom
    • Worship on Youtube 10a-11a~Led by Rebecca Webb
    • Coming of Age 8th grade meet on Zoom 6:30-7:30
    • Senior Youth Worship planning on Zoom 8pm
  • Tuesday, January 26:
    • Grades K-5 meet on Zoom
  • Saturday, January 30:
    • Senior Youth sledding at Wagon Hill!**
  • Sunday, January 31:
    • All-Ages Chapel 9:00-9:30a on Zoom
    • Worship on Youtube 10a-11a~ led by Kirsten Hunter
    • Coming of Age 8th grade meets with mentors outdoors, in person, 2:30-4:00pm**
  • Tuesday, February 2:
    • Grades K-5 meet on Zoom

*Weather permitting **Tentative, details may change

Families at Home: January’s Theme is Imagination

From Soul Matters: “Our faith asks us to be questioning and imaginative. It’s part of our fifth UU Source, ‘…heed the guidance of reason and the results of science…’ Sometimes people think of science and imagination as opposites but every good scientist will tell you that you need imagination and reason to understand the world and to invent new things. Scientists and inventors need to question and use their imagination. Even Albert Einstein, a physicist, used his imagination. He said, ‘I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination encircles the world’ – Albert Einstein

Our UU faith in pratice:

  • Try to solve the classic “Nine Dots” puzzle. Play it with your family, to illustrate the ways that imaginations helps us “think outside the box.” Ask your children how they tried t solve it. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9d78k7T0R4 Paper and Pencil it: just create 9 dots on a piece of paper and watch the video to learn the rules. The Solutions: There are a variety of solutions if you think outside the box. Check them out at https://www.artofplay.com/blogs/articles/history-of-the-nine-dot-problem
  • Watch this animated fantasy video short, called “Soar,” and then have a family discussion about ways that imagination can be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUlaseGrkLc
  • Imaginative play can help younger kids process everything that is going on in their lives. Puppets, dolls, and other forms of pretend play are therapeutic. They can be fun for adults too, when we decide to open our imaginations–kids often love when grownups imagine along with them!

Our UU faith in action:

  • The South Church Fellowship Associates invite you and your children to participate in “South Church Love Letters”, a project for SC members to send valentines to other SC members of the congregation! Grab your craft supplies, collect your stamps, and get excited to spread some love! This is a great activity for the youth to be included in outreach to other South Church congregants. Volunteers will make or purchase their own cards and stamps, and we will provide you with the information needed to send at least five South Church members a valentine by mail. Does your family want to send more than five? Just us know! If you’re interested in sending some “South Church Love Letters”, please email the FA’s at fellowship@southchurch-uu.org. More information will be sent to volunteers in the next few weeks. 
  • Our shared plate recipient this month is Planned Parenthood. Click here to learn more about PP and the wide range of services they offer our community.
  • Is your Child a UU7 Secret Service Agent? UU7 is a way for South church children and families to engage in our mission through simple challenges.

Dinner Time Discussions: Some questions you might discuss at dinner this month to explore the theme of Imagination…

  • What is your favorite imaginative story?
    • How does escaping into an imaginative story make you feel?
  • Imagine you could have any superpower. What would it be?
    • How could you use your superpower to help others?
    • What would you say your real superpower is, and how can you use that superpower for good?
  • Practice imaginative dinnertime gratitude with a round of gratitude charades while you eat. Each person takes a turn silently acting out (while sitting), something that they are grateful for, while others guess what it is.

Chalice Lighting for mealtimes this month:

“Exploring Who We Are,” by Melanie Davis

“Under the right circumstances, playing with fire is a delight—imagine being gathered round a firepit as the crackling flames invite us to sing, dance, and roast a marshmallow or two. Our chalice also invites us to play, although with ideas rather than with marshmallows. The flame encourages us to explore who we are, who our neighbors are, and where we are on our spiritual journeys. Today, we light this chalice in the spirit of play. Let us trust the light to guide us in this hour and in the days to come, finding joy along the way.”

Upcoming Themes (2020-2021 Church Year)

  • February2021: We are a community of Beloved Community
  • March2021: We are a community of Commitment
  • April 2021: We are a community of Becoming
  • May 2021: We are a community of Story
  • June 2021: We are a community of Play

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