September nUUs from Religious Education

Senior youth welcome back, in the woods! August 30th, 2020

Boy do we miss you all! 
Really hoping to see many of your faces as we collect water donations over the next two Sundays and have several other in-person, outdoor gatherings coming up as well. Whether that happens or not, know that you are loved and appreciated as we embark on a new church year together. Until then, I send you virtual greetings and hope for smooth transitions with whatever you are navigating.

In this month’s nUUs, we’ve shared some important upcoming dates, as well as details about September’s Water In-Gathering, and some resources for family’s at home. As always, please reach out if you have questions!

Also, Please Register! It is a strange one, but it’s still a new church year! Renew your family registration by clicking here!

What you need to know this month… 

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All ages morning chapel on Zoom Every Sunday at 9:00am. This is a great way to stay in touch with other South Church Families, please join us! Parents encouraged to attend with your kids. Coffee and PJ’s are appropriate attire!

There are many ways to connect with other South church families this fall! Click here for RE Program Information

*Weather permitting **Tentative, details may change.

Water In-Gathering*- is the beginning of a new church year. As part of this annual tradition you are invited to bring a small vessel with water from somewhere meaningful; the beach where you walk in the mornings or a stream in your neighborhood, something collected on a trip you’ve taken, or just a small cup from your kitchen sink. We mix all of our offerings together along with water from years past, and that water is used for blessings and other ceremonies over the coming year.

*This year, Please bring your water in advance! Reverend Susan and Kirsten will be at church August 30th and September 6th from 11a-1pm or you can come anytime. More info Here

Family’s at Home: September’s Theme is Renewal

Our UU faith in pratice:

  • How is your family doing? A family covenant could help set intention as we start this new school year!
  • Got a Chalice? consider using a chalice before meals, or having one out during worship on Sunday mornings. It may seem a small thing, but simple rituals can have deep impact. Here are some words you can share as you light your chalice this month:

As we light this chalice… “This promise we fight for: to persist in kindness, persevere in compassion, and prevail in a life that is bound entirely to love”

excerpt from ‘On Claiming this Time for Renewal’, by Rev Gretchen Haley

Our UU faith in action:

  • Schedule time with your children to support Crossroads House, they are currently accepting donations for back-to-school supplies to help the many children who are living in their temporary housing right now.
  • Practice Anti-racism together we have gathered many resources to help families in the practice of anti-racism, and we’ll reach out with opportunities to engage in demonstrations as they happen.

Dinner Time Discussions: Some questions you might discuss at dinner this month to explore the theme of renewal:

  • Whose way of being in the world renews your faith in humanity? (Who do you admire? Who makes you feel happy?)
  • During fall, the trees turn their energy away from reaching out to the sun. Instead, they let go of their leaves and seek renewal in the rich soil where their roots live. How about you? How do people recharge their batteries? Are there different ways?
  • Sometimes when we feel tired we assume we need rest, but can you think of a time when what you really needed was play?
  • A lot has changed this year, do you still feel like you are connected to the community you live in? If not, how could you renew those connections?

Upcoming Themes (2020-2021 Church Year)

  • September 2020: We are a community of Renewal
  • October 2020:  We are a community of Deep Listening
  • November 2020: We are a community of Healing
  • December 2020: We are a community of Stillness
  • January 2021: We are a community of Imagination
  • February2021: We are a community of Beloved Community
  • March2021: We are a community of Commitment
  • April 2021: We are a community of Becoming
  • May 2021: We are a community of Story

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