June ’19 nUUs from Religious Education

Hello all!


Love and peace to everyone who is finishing school years, graduating, moving up, and otherwise navigating changes– changes can be so wonderful, but also sometimes very hard. I am holding the whole range of those feelings in my heart for each of you.

Upcoming Reminders: Bridging worship this Sunday 10am!! (Please try to make it. This is our annual children’s procession, we will be calling all the new Associates, and celebrating transitions, particularly for our high school graduates.) Recent graduates of 7th grade OWL, please stop by the front desk to pick up your books! Next Sunday, June 9th, will be our Coming of Age Worship– it’s an amazing service, don’t miss it!!

In this post:

  • Sabbatical Announcement!
  • Summer Schedule
  • Volunteer roles for 2019-2020
  • Fall Program Calendar/ Save the dates– it’s up, to help you plan!
  • 10am Worship Announcement

Sabbatical announcement: As you may know, I made the decision to postpone my scheduled sabbatical this past spring due to the unexpected ministerial transition. Things feel like they are steady enough now that I’m going to squeeze in a shortened version from July 1st ~ August 30th. I could use your help to make this happen… If you can, do these three things:  

  1. Pick one Sunday this summer to volunteer with church programming (more info about our summer program below)
  2. And, please Sign up for a fall volunteer team (link provides descriptions of each opportunity!)
  3. Finally, mark your calendars for the following September dates: 
    • Sunday, Sept. 8th: Family Orientation Potluck for all RE families 11:45a-1:30p
    • Sunday, September 22nd: RE Volunteer Training Lunch*, 11:45a-1:30 – *Childcare available if requested
    • 8th grade families: Coming Of Age orientation: Friday, Sept 20th. 6pm at #73 Court St
    • Senior Youth Families: Parent and youth orientation Saturday, Sept 28th. 6pm (youth will stay after for an overnight!)

Summer Program: Religious Education continues through the summer for children of all ages! Our nursery is open, as usual, from 9:45-11:15 each morning. For children aged 4 and up we will have an all-ages program that is based on our school-year workshop model. This summer we will revisit the themes from this past year with hands-on exploration, incorporating outdoor time as much as possible! Sign up to volunteer!

Volunteer Roles for the 2019-2020 church year- are spelled out for you HERE. We are all living really busy lives, I know, but I challenge you to think about a program you’d like to help make happen. It is multi-tasking at it’s best because you are giving a huge gift to the young people of our church, and also stepping into a relationship with co-leaders, children, and parents that may deepen your faith and nourish you in unexpected ways. If you need more convincing, we can sit down for coffee and figure out a role that will meet your availability and compliment your individual gifts.

Fall Program Calendar– Believe it or not, we have pinned down a solid draft for next year’s RE program. Auxiliary programming like OWL and Social Groups are still being finalized, but you can take a look if you are wondering about how the coming fall will unfold! Here’s the link to see our 2019-2020 Program Calendar

10am Worship Announcement Last Sunday we shifted to a Single Service at South Church which is standard for the summer season, but we will be remaining at one service this coming fall as we begin our time with the new interim minister, Reverend Len De Roche (who will arrive this summer, and begin leading worship in September).

I send you all love and hopes for a summer filled with joy.

See you Sunday!

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