March ’19 nUUs from Religious Education

South Church Senior Youth leading worship

Hello Everyone, and Happy (almost) March! We might see flowers popping up this month.. amazing how time just keeps rolling along.

There are FIVE Sundays in March! So many opportunities to come share some time together with this vibrant community, and this month you can pick up a new book at the youth run book fair while you grab coffee downstairs. Read below for information about that, and so much more!

Church Sundays and Other Important dates this month:

  • March 3rdChildren’s Chapel meets at 9 and 11(don’t forget your UU7 mission forms and a few coins for the collection!). Coming of age meet at 11. Senior Youth group meet at 73 Court street at 4pm, at the same time 7th grade OWL meets at the main church.
  • March 10th: *Normal Re program day (see below) Parents of Teens are meeting during youth group (4-5:30) at Book and Bar, the topic for this session is: Dating.
  • March 15th: Sparks and Flames social groups for 5th-8th meet at South Church for Church CHOPPED! competition – get ready to cook!
  • March 16th: Families Tuugether at South Church 4:30-8pm. (please RSVP) Kirsten Hunter will lead the parent discussion in the sanctuary exploring the idea of Journey in parenting. 
  • March 17th: *Normal Re program day (see below)
  • March 24th– *Normal Re program day (see below) Parents of Teens are meeting during youth group (4-5:30) at Book and Bar, the topic for this session is: Grades/Schoolwork.
  • March 31st– *Normal Re program day (see below)

[*Normal RE program day: Both services include Spirit Play and Theme workshops for grades 1-5. 11am worship also included: 6-7th grade religious exploration and Coming of Age for 8th grade.  OWL for 7th grade and Senior Youth meet on Sunday evenings at 4-5:30 pm.]

RE Program Calendar: Did you know you can check the RE calendar for the WHOLE YEAR, any time you want!? It’s here, on the RE website

Sundays, March 3rd-24th: The Senior Youth will be hosting a UU Book Fair as a fundraiser for their year end Youth service-learning trip to Birmingham, Alabama

Family resources for March’s theme: A people of Journey

These resources help parents as they engage the question: “What does it mean to be a family of Journey?”

Resource For Parents

UU World Article: New family traditions great suggestions for how to create rituals with and for your children to celebrate your family’s values along your shared spiritual journey.

Resources for the Whole Family (Ideas to explore the theme of Journey)

Family Adventure Idea:Take a Pilgrimage! (Journey Out): What places would be considered pilgrimages in your family? A special bench in a park where you shared news of a new family member? A place where a pet is buried? A National Park where a child made their first big hike? Name these places as places of pilgrimage for your family.

Story To Read Together:

Journey, Quest, Return –A Wordless Trilogy by Aaron Becker. Share all three. They are wordless so use it as a silent moving picture book. Links to each book:

Family Movie Night Idea:

Lion King (G) . Theme Connection: The journey of life is a circle of birth, life and death.

Family Resource for Marking the end of the journey of life: A really helpful video exploring how to navigate grief and conversations about death with children. I recommend parents preview the content, but it is then a great thing to watch together.

When Families Grieve – Sesame Street

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