Getting ready for a New Church Year!

Parish hall…. making progress!

Below, you will find links to each of the RE programs that will be offered in the coming church year. Please click through and read about each of the programs, particularly those in which you have a child participating, or with which you are considering volunteering, and then take a minute to read the welcome message that follows. Finally, parents, please follow the link to register your family for the 2018-19 church year.  

2018-19 Religious Education Program overview (click the program name to read more!)

Hey Folks!  It is August, and the RE program for our NEWLY RENOVATED SPACE is taking shape. All we need now, is volunteers and a bunch of kids to fill up our clean new classrooms with love and curiosity! I am excited to be able to engage with all of you over the coming weeks to collaborate on how we want to live into this new chapter of our congregation. I really need your help, your vision, and yes, your time– but the rewards for that investment are huge. We have the ability to make real change in the world from right here on the seacoast through the time and energy we are giving to the children and youth in our congregation, and with the ways that the vision of our whole faith community radiates out into the larger community and the world. What an empowering truth!I am from I am for

During worship this past Sunday, Reverend Chris shared an invitation to each of us to reflect on two questions:

  • Where are you from?
  • What are you for?

The reflection can become a really beautiful autobiographical poem, and I think it’s a perfect place to start as we prepare to bring our whole-self in to a new year at South Church. Please consider sharing what you create by bringing it to church in September!

♥ Kirsten

Parents: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the 2018-19 Church Year

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