February nUUs from Religious Education

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We will be saying farewell to Karnan House this week. The end of an era.

In this post:

  • Karnan House sale– Volunteers needed Saturday, Feb 10 at 10 am to empty the building!! (looking for sturdy shelves of many sizes? come by Friday between 10 and 2– free to members!!)
  • Schedule changes- please note:
    • Senior Youth Worship has been moved to March 11 (was originally scheduled for February 18th
    • 6th-7th grade Religious Exploration: Upcoming changes: we’ll be starting our class at 11am sharp beginning is a few weeks, due to space changes. Class will meet in Karnan this Sunday, Feb 11th, but our new location is still TBD… Keep an eye out for more news soon~
    • Families Tuugether in MARCH will be bumped one week due to a change in the dates we are hosting Seacoast Family Promise: March 17th is the new date
  • Families Tuugether this week! Saturday, February 10th 4:30-8pm
  • Senior Youth attending Immigration Justice discussion Sunday, Jan 11th at UCC Church in Durham at 11:30am. PLEASE RSVP
  • Program Volunteering:
    • Sign up for February Volunteer Spots <click for info
    • March RE theme planning ONLINE – Come one, come all! Wed, February 14th, 8pm in your living room! Parents and interested volunteers Click Here to Sign up. This is a great opportunity to engage from the comfort of your home- video or call in- includes RE overview, theme reflection & brainstorm, and a basic volunteer training, too!
  • Sundays this month:
    • February 11th: Spirit Plan and Theme workshops at 9 and 11. COA meets in Karnan this week. 6th-7th grade will meet at 11 in Karnan. OWL 7 and Senior Youth will Meet at 4pm!!
    • February 18th: Spirit Play and Theme workshops at 9 and 11. No COA this week. 6th-7th grade will meet at 11. OWL 7 and Senior Youth will Meet at 4pm!!
    • February 25th: Holiday RE program day (all ages workshops. No COA, 6th-7th grade class, OWL 7 or Senior Youth this week!!
    • March 2nd: Children’s Chapel for pre-K through 5th grade. 6-7th grade religious exploration will meet at 11 sharp. OWL for 7 and Senior Youth meet at 4pm
  • Sparks and Flames meet together at Hilltop Fun Center! Friday, March 2, at 7pm

[“Normal RE program day”: Both services include Spirit Play and Theme workshops for grades 1-5. 11am worship also included: 6-7th grade religious exploration and Coming of Age for 8th grade. OWL for 7th grade and Senior Youth meet on Sunday evenings at 4-5:30 pm.]

  • Family resources for February’s theme: A people of Perseverance- see below!

(If you haven’t already, please REGISTER for the 2017-18 church year!)

Here are some more details on the items mentioned above:

Senior Youth Immigration Justice Trip- informational potluck- Sunday, Jan 7 at 5:30pm. Immediately following our regular youth group gathering, Parents and youth are invited to a potluck to dig into specifics around the Immigration Justice trip we are planning in June. Come if you’re sure you want to participate, come if you are not at all sure, but still considering. We’ll go over logistics, fundraising commitments, concerns, and finances. Bring a dish to share! See you there!

Families Tuugether, Saturday, January 13th, 4:30-8pm  Open to children 8 months through Sixth grade, Families Tuugether is a popular program for families of young kids; an opportunity for parents to reconnect and to recharge. Offered monthly during the church year, children are dropped off at South Church at 4:30pm with a potluck dish to share (Ready to serve, please.), and parents head up to the sanctuary for a short group gathering before heading out to enjoy some quite time. Children will strengthen friendships, enjoy a movie, and play fun games. Parents return to get their child no later than 8pmPlease note: Families MUST RSVP (kirsten@southchurch-uu.org)  if they plan to come to this event, so that we are able to meet the staffing needs. Program is be closed after 25 children register, to ensure we have a safe and fun event.

Sparks and Purple flames (social groups for 5-6th and 7-8th grades) On March 2nd we will be meeting together at Hilltop Fun Center from 7-9pm for Laser tag and some arcade time. Bring a water bottle, wear sneakers. If you are not registered for this program, email me for details on that! If you are registered, please RSVP so I know you’re coming!

Family resources for February: ‘We are a community of perseverance’ . One of the wonderful things about theme based church is that there are multiple opportunities for parents and children to explore a specific idea throughout each month. This means there are also lots of opportunities for ideas and inspirations we come across on Sundays at South Church to find their way into our lives throughout the week. This could be very meaningful for your family and for our community.  As we explore themes throughout the year think about ways you might take those conversations home to your dinner tables, night time rituals, car drives, and morning routines.  Here’s a small framework to whet your palate, let me know if you have any great family moments!

[From Soul Matters RE Packet:] These resources support parents as they try to live out and engage our themes with their children. We can ask “What does it mean to be a parent of Perseverance” or “What does it mean to be a family of Perseverance?” As you use these resources to engage these questions, keep in mind some additional ways to use them with other parents or your church community:  

  • Reflect with those in your family.
  • Share and discuss them with other parents or another family.
  • Use them in a Parent Circle that meets on Sunday afternoon or mid-week.


App: Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street: A smartphone app using Sesame Street characters to help young children keep calm and carry on – persevere in the face of difficulties.

Webinar: How to Encourage Your Child to Take on Challenges and Develop a “Growth Mindset” Research shows that young children who are willing to take on challenges are more successful in school and life. But how can you encourage your child to develop this important skill?


Best Apps for ChildrenApps can turn your smartphone or tablet into a learning tool, an entertainment system, or a way to dig up almost anything you want to know. This guide makes finding the best apps for the task (and your kids’ needs) easy. Detailed reviews and suggestions. Children already persevere while playing online, so find some good ones.

How to Teach Kids Perseverance and Goal-Setting –To encourage perseverance, teach preteens how to set goals and work to meet them.

12 Tips To Raise a Persistent Child –Suggestions to support parents with effective ways to encourage their child in going after what they want.

Homeward Bound, rated G-  Three pets escape from a California ranch to find their owners in San Francisco.

Finding Nemo, rated G –After his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, a timid clownfish sets out on a journey to bring him home.

Wall-E, rated G- In the distant future, a small waste-collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind.

Eagle Huntress, rated G (recommended for 8+ yrs. old) Thirteen-year-old Aisholpan trains to become the first female in twelve generations of her Kazakh family to become an eagle huntress.

One Night With the King (PG) The story of Purim, celebrated at the end of February, and Queen Esther.

Our monthly church-wide themes this year:
A community of…

September: Welcome
October: Courage
November: Abundance
December: Hope
January: Intention
February: Perseverence
March: Balance
April: Emergence
May: Creativity

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