A collection of resources for talking to kids about the election

Many of you are looking for advice on how to talk to our children about the results of this election (and about the election in general). I am going to continue to look for resources, and share things as I find them here. Feel free to return over the coming days to find new resources. Please also share anything you find helpful with me so I can pass it along.
Update: Here’s a new piece I found helpful: Finding Gratitude during difficult times:
Four key messages (from Huff post):
What should we tell the children (some decent suggestions, I’m glad they updated the picture with the article which was originally a room of white hands)
Reverend Lauren shared this with me, to pass along to you (I’m not sure of the source, she found it on the net): 
Up to age 5 – Grown-ups can be silly.  Can you believe a lot of grown-ups voted for a mean guy to be president?  Those grown-ups are so silly.  Now let’s go play outside.
Six to 10 – I am so sad and disappointed.  We have a lot of work to do now.  There are a lot of ways our family and community and friends are going to protect each other and work together to make sure we have a kind and fair leader of the country in the future.  Let me tell you about some of the things we can do to work toward a better future.
Eleven to 13 – This is not the first horrible thing that’s happened in the U.S. (refer to history) and it won’t be the last, but for every horrible thing that has happened there has also been a group of people working against it.  Let’s think together about some of the things we can do to work toward a better future.
Fourteen + – Let’s look at news sources we trust to try to understand what happened–who voted how and why.  Let’s also take some time to think about who (or who else) is most likely to be negatively impacted by these results and work together with them.  Make a family vision statement that includes social justice commitments.  Mark organizing dates on a family calendar.
‘Teaching Tolerance’ offered these suggestions for teachers, but there are some good suggestions…


Similar to the first link above…

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