Coming of Age Current Details

This fall, South Church will once again be offering a Coming of Age program for our 8th grade youth. This is a special program that can be a really meaningful part of this time of transition from childhood to adolescence. The group benefits greatly from full participation, so we ask families to make a commitment for their participants to attend as many of the classes as possible.

Keep in mind, each youth will be matched up with a mentor from the congregation. This is an opportunity for special connection with an adult in our community. Please give some thought as to who in the South Church congregation you might like to take on this role, and let us know your mentor suggestions as soon as you think of them.  We can’t make any guarantees, but it helps to know your wishes! And if you don’t have anyone in mind, that’s ok too. We will happily find a good mentor match for each youth.

There will be a CoA Family Orientation and Opening Ceremony on Thursday, October 7th 2021 at 6:30 pm. Classes will meet Sunday mornings 10:45-12:00 (during the 11:00 worship time) starting October 17th.  Reach out to Jen D with questions, concerns, or mentor requests:

Current Program Schedule

Click HERE for 2021-22 CoA Schedule*

*Note, schedule is subject to change