September Religious Education Open House

20180701_105546Hey folks, wait till you see the new program space, wow!
Here’s some info forthe next two open house weeks at church. If you can all step in to help at least once this month, that would be really huge, as facilitator teams are still being filled/ teacher training is still in the works– Even if you can’t commit to a volunteer team this year, try to think of September as a chance to see what’s in the works by signing up for a shift! There are specific details about each offering below as well. See you soon!

We Return to 2 services September 16th!!! 9am or 11am. If you come at 10, we can hang out till church starts at 11!

September RE Open House: (click on any of the links below to sign up to help)

Nursery: will be open for babies from 6months-age 4. The Nursery is staffed each week, but if you are interested in volunteering once or twice a month, please reach out!

Spirit Play: A Montessori-based program for preK and Kinder students. A Parent/ or caretaker shouldbe planning to come to class with your child during worship on one of the next 2 Sundays (Sept. 16 or Sept 23) for the parent/child orientation. Simply head downstairs with your child after the story for all ages. It is a sweet way to start the year and to share with you how the classroom format works. No need to sign up as an attendant, but if you’d like to help facilitate the program, here’s the volunteer link:

1st-5th grade theme workshops: Students will explore the Open House work stations during service  on the next 2 Sundays (Sept. 16 or Sept 23) and Parents should plan to join us during social hour so your child can guide you through the family open house info which will reinforce what they’ve explored in the workshop offerings!  We still need help during worship for the workshop program, so please sign up!

6th-7th grade Service Learning Year: the program will begin on September 30th, but the theme workshops are designed to include this age group- they are welcome downstairs on the 16th and the 23rd!

8th grade Coming of Age–  Family orientation (youth and parent) is scheduled on September 21st. Please contact me if you have not gotten information on this!

Senior Youth Orientation and overnight: Saturday, September 22nd. Please reach out if you have not received information on this!

2018-19 Year Long Calendar– It’s online, click to see the plan for the WHOLE program, for the WHOLE year…. (it’s impressive!)

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