Spirit Play- pre k to kindergarten

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten children have the joy of participating in our Spirit Play class starting at age 4, during our church year the program meets in the Rumi Room, next to our nursery in the social hall. Spirit Play is a Montessori-based curriculum that encourages kids to delve into hands on spiritual exploration in a safe and sacred space just for them.  Each of our trained volunteers is part of a year long team to help create family and community in this unique class.  From week to week the class will focus on learning and growing in our Unitarian Universalist values using the Spirit Play method.


Each Spirit Play class will begin with the children entering the special class space in a quiet, calm way and greeting our volunteers as they take their place in the circle.  Once settled, the Storyteller volunteer will tell a story using props to illustrate the tale and encouraging kids to “wonder” about the meaning and the lessons they observe.  After the story they are released to a free exploration and “work” time to explore and get hands on with different crafts and activities.  

For the young child, Spirit Play encourages exploring spiritual learning through experience and wonder.  We are excited to be continuing with this curriculum this year and encourage you to get to know our Spirit Play space yourself as well.

Find out more about Spirit Play at: http://www.spirit-play.com/

For more information about our program, contact Jennifer Del Deo, Religious Education Coordinator at JenDelDeo@southchurch-uu.org

Interested in Volunteering to be a Spirit Play teacher? Click here