Coming of Age (8th grade)~ Volunteer info

Coming of Age is a rite of passage program.  Its purpose is to support participants as they:

  • Make the transition from childhood to youth.
  • Identify and articulate their core values.
  • Discover their power to forge a meaningful and joy-filled life.
  • Build lasting connections with each other and with the community as a whole.

Each youth is paired with a mentor from the congregation, who participates in the program with their mentee.  In addition to regular class sessions, COA youth participate in two overnight retreats, a service project, and a final celebratory worship service. COA is the culmination of the Religious Education program for children, and sets the stage for the transition to Senior Youth.

There is a somewhat larger time commitment to teaching in this program, but volunteering as a facilitator in COA is a great opportunity to continuously check in with your own values and personal belief system as you guide the youth to do the same. You will develop rich and meaningful connections with the youth and other adults in this program.

Volunteer Requirements/Expectations:

  • Leading class with another facilitator during the 10:00 church service, approx. 2 Sundays per month. (4 facilitators total)
  • 30-45 minutes of prep for each volunteer day
  • 2 overnight retreats: one in fall, one in spring
  • 3 team meetings per program year
  • Weekly email communications among facilitators to maintain continuity

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