Whole Hearts

when the world comes crashing at your feet

it’s okay to let others

help pick up the pieces

if we’re present to take part in your happiness

when your circumstances are great

we are more than capable of sharing your pain


Rupi Kaur

We have been thinking about how our community can work to normalize talking about mental health, and how we can practice community care with one another. Coming together as a group with parents and youth we awaken to shared experiences and deepen our understanding of our own challenges, and we are reminded that we are not alone.

 We will have three sessions over the next two months. For each session, our plan is to 

  1. Identify some of the things that influence our mental health in a particular context  
  2. Have opportunities to share with others what you know about yourself
  3. Offer some tools and strategies that strengthen a sense of self advocacy.

For each session we will have time for connection and reflection, share resources, and practice strategies together. Session 1 will begin with a zoomed out view of the world, and then in the following two sessions we will circle inward to closer communities, and then ourselves.

Mailing Address

South Church Meeting House
73 Court Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801