Coming of Age- 8th grade

Coming of Age is a wonderful rite of passage opportunity. At this age, our youth are in one of the most formative and pivotal times of their lives. Part of the work of Coming of Age is claiming the kind of person you want to be. As UUs, we believe that each and every one of us has a piece of the truth and the COA curriculum helps our youth articulate the beliefs they hold most dear. The COA program is a significant commitment of time and energy throughout this year long program, but is one of the most memorable and often life changing experiences offered in our Religious Education program arc.

Over the course of the year, participants will be paired with a mentor, and will explore topics including:

  • Exploring Values
  • Bad Things
  • Community Service
  • After Death Beliefs
  • UU Identity
  • God Beliefs
  • Faith
  • Interviewing religious leaders, and interviewing mentors
  • Writing Faith Statements
  • Faith Statements in Music
  • When People Try to Convert You

Over the course of the year, this group will slowly work on their own credo, a statement of faith where they see themselves now. Many will share these faith statements during the Coming of Age worship service in June 2021.