April “Becoming” Challenge!

April 2021 “Becoming” Challenge

Intention: “Becoming” is our church theme as we are emerging from winter, while also readying ourselves to emerge from a pandemic. We will try to use this project to increase our awareness of our surroundings, our inner selves, acknowledge these transitions, and be intentional about what we want to become.

How it works:

  • Find a spot outdoors where you can sit for at least 10minutes every day. Suggestions for success:
    • Make it easy to get to. You may choose a great spot that you drive to, but it is usually more helpful to have a location that is very easy to get to, especially for those days that you are tired, busy, not feeling it, etc. Woods, lawn, porch–choose what’s right for you.
    • Think about weather. It can be a powerful experience to do this in the elements–rain, snow, wind…–but if you know you just won’t go out there in that weather, then you may choose something like a porch with a roof. If you’re up for the challenge of all weather then do it! But if weather will interrupt your commitment then choose accordingly.
    • Have some form of timer that you can set for the amount of time you plan to sit (at least 10 minutes). It should be something that will not distract you during that time (phones are discouraged). Settle into your sit, set your timer, and don’t look at it until it goes off. Do your best to be present and try not to think about the time.
  • Have a pen/pencil and a journal that you will use for the entire challenge. Nobody will need to see your journal at any point, so don’t be shy in what you write/draw/create.
  • Read the daily challenge before going out to sit. The *OR* options are intended for kids or anyone who prefers this alternate. On days that have an alternate, don’t shy away from a challenge that feels awkward–push yourself where you can 🙂
  • If you miss a day or can’t make the check-ins, keep going–it’s ok! Do your best to come back into it, without guilt.
  • When you complete a sit, mark that day on the Challenge Tree any way you choose (color the leaf, initials, etc)
  • Join the group check in sessions:
    • Friday, May 1: 6:30p Closing ceremony, details coming soon!

Print this tree to track your progress; as you complete a day, color the leaf for that date or mark it however you choose: